Aravanes Rooms - Amari Valley, Rethymnon

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Aravanes rooms are located on the edge of the Amari Valley which is located in the centre of the Rethymnon region. The valley is surrounded by mountains and from Aravanes Rooms you can enjoy a most spectacular view of the area.

The rooms are clean and basic, have a kitchenette area and panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and the picturesque valley.
There is a taverna on the ground floor, providing the traditional Greek and Cretan cuisine.

During your stay in this pension you can make excursions in the surrounding area on your own with the suggestion of Mr. Lambros and the help of a local map. But if you want an escort Mr. Lambros can accompany you and speak to you in Greek or in English. He wil share his vast knowledge of the area where he has lived all of his life.


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