Guided Summer Excursions from Margarites

Cultural Routes (in collaboration with Kouriton House)


Potter in Margarites

Melidoni Cave

Melidoni Cave

Wine Routes

Arkadi Monastery

  • Margarites - The Place and its Monuments (Ref: EXKH001)
    The Kouriton House - historic cultural monument from the 19th Century.
    Tzanakiana – rural village at the beginning of the routes of the ecomuseum.
    Margarites - ancient ceramics centre, centre of the Byzantine and Venetian time, a traditional village with live social function and structures.
    Tasting of homemade cakes and traditional drinks.
  • The Kourites Path - The Place and its History (Ref: EXKH002)
    Tour - Teaching at the archaeological sites:
    Eleftherna - Necropolis of the Standing Stone (Orthi Petra) – Acropolis – archaeological excavations
    Arkadi Monastery - restored Memorial - Symbol of Freedom.
    Thematic dinner at an accredited farm in Eleftherna.
  • The Hermes Path (Ref: EXKH003)
    Visit to the sacred caves-temples of the eco-museum:
    Talaios Ermis at Melidoni, the sanctuary of Hermes in the archaeological park of Eleftherna
    Kranaios Ermis cave at the Patsos gorge
    Visit the village of Apostoloi, thx`e openair museum of sculpture by the sculptor J. Neonakis - pilgrimage in memory of Anassouvari
    Special dinner at an accredited traditional restaurant.
  • The Caves Path (Ref: EXKH004)
    Visit of the cave Hermes in Melidoni.
    Visit of the cave of Zeus in Ideon Andron.
    Encounter with the domed stone structures of Psiloreitis – the Mitata.
    Visit of the Geophysical Park of Psiloreitis.
    Special dinner at an accredited traditional restaurant in Anogia.

The Taste of Psiloritis (in collaboration with Kouriton House)

  • The Wine Routes (Ref: EXKH005)
    Visit the monastery of Arkadi
    Tour through the vineyards with a presentation of the culinary facilities of the monks, types of monastic architecture and development of traditional production, storage and food preparation.
    Visit of an organized vineyard in Meronas in the municipality of Amari.
    Teaching of wine making with wine tasting.
    Lunch in an agro-tourist center.
  • The Path of Olives and the Flavours (Ref: EXKH006)
    • Visit of Kouriton House: tour through this listed rural mansion (18th century), presentation of the rehabilitation project and of the objects of daily use, audio-visual material on Cretan gastronomy from ancient time until today. Tasting of tradional sweets and liquers (local production of the house).
    • Visit to the tradional olive press factory, local fabriques, a traditional pottery workshop and pre-industrial monuments in Margarites.
    • Visit to ancient Cretan olive groves (650 BC) at Tripodo.
    • Visit to the village of Monastiraki in the Amari valley: visit to the Minoan Palace (2000 BC) and aCentre for Agricultural Economy. Thematic dinner at traditional village by the women of the area.
  • The Path of Herbs and Myth (Ref: EXKH007)
    Hiking trail at 'Lagos', the gorge of Margarites with indigenous herbs and wild flowers and the Minoan Tomb (14th Century BC) - duration 1 hour
    Route through the natural environment of Saint Sylas - duration 1 hour
    Thematic dinner in a traditional restaurant with teachings about the olives and herbs in the Cretan Diet.

For more information and booking for any of the above excursions, please use the form on our contact page, giving the reference number of the trip(s) that you are interested in and in which resort (area) you will be staying. Thank you.