Guided Coach Excursions throughout Crete

Samaria Gorge (long way)

Samaria GorgeWe start in the heart of the White Mountains, from the plain of Omalos, where you have a possibility for breakfast.

The entrance of the longest gorge in Europe (11 miles) lies at 4000 ft. We walk over rocks and stones down the gorge, through a fantastic forest among thousands of old trees, along a little river and refill our water botles at fresh-water springs. It is the nicest and the most impressive mountain region of Crete. The Samaria Gorge area is the only region in Crete where there are still some wild Kri-Kri goats. But one has to be very lucky as they are very shy.

The walk is partially very difficult. It lasts approximately 5-6 hours and you need good walking shoes / mountain boots or, at least, strong trainers. Attention: This walk is NOT recommended for children under the age of 6, pregnant women and people with health problems!

At the end of the gorge we arrive at the Libyan Sea and the village of Agia Roumeli. It's time for a swim, some relaxation or a meal at one of the local taverns. Afterwards the ferry takes us to Chora Sfakion, where the bus is waiting to take you back home.

Samaria Gorge (lazy way)

The bus takes us to Chora Sfakion from where we take the ferry to Agia Roumeli, the South end of the Samaria Gorge. During the stay you have the opportunity to walk up to the Iron Gate, the narrowest part of the gorge. And there will still be plenty of time for a swim and lunch.

This can be a nice family-tour because you decide yourselves how fast and how far you like to walk.

In the afternoon we take the ferry back to Chora Sfakion where the bus will be waiting to take you back home.

Imbros Gorge

Imbros gorgeThe Imbros Gorge runs almost parallel to the Samaria Gorge. At 5 miles it is the second longest gorge on the island. Although not as well known as the famous gorge of Samaria, it has a real natural beauty. It is also an easier walk that will take most hikers approximately 3 hours. You need comfortable strong shoes or trainers.

Afterwards our bus takes us to a beautiful beach for a refreshing swim in the Libyan Sea or lunch at one of the local taverns.
This tour is also good for children!

Knossos Heraklion

Knossos PalaceOn the way to Heraklion we take the new national road and drive along the north coast, enjoying a nice view of the dark blue Cretan Sea.

Reaching the archaeological site we make a conducted (English) tour at the famous palace of the king Minos. The palace of Knossos is the first, the oldest Minoan palace and the cradle of the European culture as well. After the interesting journey trough the Cretan history, follows a nice city tour through the narrow alleys of the Cretan capital Heraklion, where you have enough free time for shopping or for a traditional lunch.

Phaestos - Gortys - Matala

Palace of PhaestosOn this tour you have a little of everything: archaeology, traditional villages and beach.

Our first stop we make at Gortys. After an interesting guided tour in the former Roman capital of Crete we continue to the south, to visit the next archaeological site, the Minoan palace of Phaestos , from where you can enjoy an impressive view of the Messara-plain. Afterwards we go for our lunch and a nice swim at Matala Bay, famous since the 70s, for its caved cliffs. Our last stop we make on the way back, at the village of Spili, well-known for its “Lion Fountain”.

Chania City And Cretan Villages  (from Rethymnon)

ChaniaOn the way to Chania we take the old road and enjoy a very nice, almost romantic journey through a picturesque area with its old, traditional, very green and very typical Cretan villages. Our first stop is an old Turkish fortress, from where we have a fantastic view of the whole Souda Bay. It follows one more nice photo-stop at Chalepa, at the tomb of the famous Elefterios Venizelos with a fabulous view of the former Cretan capital.

In Chania we visit first the huge market hall and than we make together a little city-tour on foot through the narrow alleys. Afterwards you have enough free time for a stroll through the romantic old town, for shopping or for lunch at the beautiful Venetian harbour.

Little South Round Trip  (from Rethymnon)

PlakiasDiscover with us the wild and romantic south of Crete, a part of our island, where simultaneously Gods, people and the nature want to prove their perfection. A wild and imposing area, a natural fortress, full of secrets and exceptional diversity.

On the way to the south we cross the famous White Mountains and make our first stop on the green plain of Askifou. It follows a very interesting drive along the impressive Imbros Gorge and afterwards a nice coffee break at the historical little town of Chora Sfakion. From there we continue to the east, to visit the village of Frankocastello and its legendary fortress from the 14th century. Driving along the south coast we enjoy a beautiful view of the dark-blue Libyan Sea and, almost, feel Africa opposite. All the time you have a lot of opportunities to take magnificent photographs.

For our lunch break we go to the picturesque village of Plakias, where you also have enough time for a very refreshing swim.

Ag. Nikolaos - Elounda - Spinalonga

SpinalongaDriving along the north coast to the east, we pass the Cretan capital Heraklion and reach Agios Nikolaos, a nice little town with its picturesque sweet-water lake. The lake played an important role towards the end of the world war 2.

After our visit to the enchanting little town of Agios Nikolaos, we continue to Elounda, a little village, well-known from the movie “Who Pays The Ferryman”. There we stay also for our lunch break.

Our last destination is the little island of Spinalonga. Sailing by a boat from the port of Elounda, we reach the islet and visit its imposing fortress, well-known as the last European leper colony.

Elafonisi  (from Western Crete)

ElafonisiOn this beach tour we go to visit the south-west corner of Crete, the little island of Elafonissi and its unique pink sandy beach.

On the way to our destination we see a very nice and very green part of our island. Our coach takes us through the impressive Topolia Gorge and through many old, traditional and very typical Cretan villages. At the village of Elos, well-known for its chestnut-trees, we stop for our coffee (breakfast) break.

On Elafonissi we stay at least 3 hours and you have enough time to enjoy the little paradise, swimming in the crystal clear green water, lying under the tropical sun or walking through the fantastic pink sand.

Gramvousa  (from Western Crete)

GramvousaOn this trip we want to show you a real little paradise. A special part of our island, one of the most beautiful places and particularly beaches, you ever have seen in your life - the island Gramvousa and the lagoon of Balos.

We take the new national road and drive westwards, along the bay of Souda and the former Cretan capital Chania, to the most western town of our island - Kissamos. There we start our exciting boat trip around the peninsula of Gramvousa. We need approximately one hour to reach our destination where we have enough time for an unforgettable swimming experience in the crystal clear turquoise water as well as for a visit to the famous Venetian fortress (built in the 16th century), from where you can enjoy an incomparable view and take some really fantastic photographs.

Arkadi - Ida - Agia Galini (from Rethymnon)

Arkadi Monastery On this fantastic trip we visit the central part, the heart of our island. We want to show you a little of everything: mountains, traditional villages, old monasteries and churches, beautiful beaches, some very nice, well-known and very popular places, as well as some places and indescribably nice, lush, almost unspoilt landscapes, where you certainly never have been before- where time stands still. It is a journey through the Cretan present and, at the same tame, through the Cretan past. The highlights of this unforgettable trip are: the historic monastery of Arkadi, the picturesque village of Agia Galini, the village of Spili with its lion-fountain, as well as our bus trip through Amari-Valley and the Ida Mountains.

For our lunch break we go to the south coast, to a very nice sandy beach on the Libyan Sea, where we have enough time for an enjoyable swimming. So, do not forget your bathing-stuff.!!


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