Restaurant En Plo - Old Town, Rethymnon

At the foot of the Fortezza, the recently renovated restaurant ‘En Plo’ puts its own touches to the wider picture of the impressive beauty of the landscape.
En Plo is a restaurant with refined features and excellent style, light colours and discreet lighting that respect the visitors and at the same time honours the culture and tradition of our hospitable place, offering moments of relaxation and quality entertainment.
Incorporated in the minimalistic but balanced interior is a permanent exhibition of works by painter Marianna Baxevani and some ship artefacts.
Within this charming environment our chef and head of our well-organised kitchen put their own stamp of gastronomic delight with unique culinary creations, made from local products and fresh catches.
We wish you a pleasant culinary excursion with a view of the big blue sea

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Our Menu:

Cold Starters
Avocado with Smoked Salmon, Shrimps with Avocado, Shrimps Cocktail, Russian Salad, White Roe Salad, Chickpea puree from Santorini, Smoked aubergine spread, Marinated Anchovies, Octopus in Vinegar, Fresh Tuna Carpaccio, Selection of Cheeses

Warm Meat Starters
Soutzoukakia, Pork Fillet in Lemon Sauce and Fresh Vegetables, Chicken Fillet in Lemon Sauce and Fresh Vegetables, Stuffed Lettuce Leaves in Egg & Lemon Sauce

Warm Sea Food Starters
Creamy Fish Soup, Shrimps Saganaki, Fresh Steamed Mussels, Mussels Saganaki, Shrimps with Zucchini, Grilled Octopus, Grilled Sardines Marinated in Mustard, Fried Shrimps, Grilled Squid, Grilled Cuttlefish, Sea Bass in Lemon Sauce and Fresh Vegetables, Fried Baby Squid

Pasta & Risotto
Lobster Pasta, Smoked Salmon with Linguini, Shrimp Spaghetti Treated with Ouzo, Trachanas, Chios Pasta with Grouper, Fresh Tuna Spaghetti with Mustard Sauce, Shrimps with Greek Pasta, Shrimps Risotto with Saffron, Shrimps Orzotto, Chicken Nuggets Risotto, Vegetable Risotto

Fried Small Fish, Grilled fish by the kilo, Shrimps & 3 grilled vegetables, Grilled Salmon Steak, Grilled Swordfish Steak, Tuna Fillet ‘Tataki’, Grilled Tuna Fillet with tartar sauce, Fresh Fish of the Day, Dusky Grouper with Okra, Grilled Fresh Lobster

Cooked Meat Dishes
Chicken Legs with Okra, Chicken Legs with Linguini, Smoked Pork with Spaghetti, Leg of Lamb with Zucchini, Pasta with Lamb, Shredded Lamb with Spaghetti

Meat from the Grill
Mixed Grill, Baby Veal Fillet with Grilled Vegetables, Baby Veal Fillet with Pepper Sauce, Baby Veal Fillet with Madeira Sauce, Chateau Briand, Pork Fillet with Grilled Vegetables, Pork Fillet with Béarnaise Sauce, Pork Chops with Mustard, Pork Chops with Herbs, Chicken Fillet with Béarnaise Sauce, Chicken Fillet Marinated with Herbs, Grilled Beef Burgers

Salads & Vegetables
En Plo Salad, Traditional Greek Salad, Aegean Salad, Nostos Salad, Roquefort Salad, Parmigiano Salad, Strawberry Salad, Chicken Salad, Platter of Boiled Vegetables, Platter of Grilled Vegetables, Seasonal Greens

Fresh Milk Ice Cream, Strawberry Soup with Yoghurt Ice Cream, Chocolate Soufflé, Crème Brûlée, Panacotta with Raspberry Marmalade, Cheese Cake with Caramelised Fruit, Fresh Fruit Platter


Leoforos Kefalogianni Emm. 28 74100 Rethymnon, Greece
Mob: +30 6974 551499 / Tel: +30 28310 30950


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